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It’s Thursday night and Eating Companion (EC) and I are headed south on 41, meeting Pops in Nokomis at Curry Creek Caf (CCC). Crossing Dona and Roberts Bay, we’re flanked by a post apocalyptic sunset, fans of sunlight spread out wide above the still water of the bays. We’ve come here for a number of reasons: Pops swears they have the best cup of soup he’s ever had, that their meatloaf is the size of a large man’s face, and that if we aren’t completely stoked on the meal we can always head next door to Irene’s for dollar Pabst Blue Ribbons..

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We didn’t pay Tino except by replacing the bottle we helped finish. Tino gets a piece of any action he brokers. He handed us over to Miguel, an affable driver for $20, patient with our language barrier. The difference in prices depends on where you shop. We checked out stores across Southwest Florida. At Old Navy, pink and purple flip flops cost $3.94 each.

Mr. Hugo was such a Blessing to so many “Role Model” and started so many Children and Parents and Teachers alike day off to a Good start. And SMILES! There are just not adequate words to express what this Athens Hero presence meant to so many day after day!! I believe Breanna was attending (repetitive 1st grade) 2007.

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