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The most vexing issue: the gas tax hike to refill the fund for road and bridge repairs. Even that didn’t get a vote. Atlantic City prepares to celebrate the fourth while workers from one last casino are still preparing to strike. As usual, lift tickets will cost more this year, topping out at a whopping $89 at in Vermont. At other Green Mountain areas like Killington, Stratton and Mount Snow, passes hover in the upper 70s to low 80s. And even in Connecticut, a full day lift ticket can set you back more than 50 bucks..

The rescue of one Chibok girl, reunited this week with her mother, holds hope for a broader rescue effort in the region where Amina Ali Nkeki was discovered, along with her “husband” and a four month old infant. The captive was recognized by a patrolling vigilante from her home town. It’s a small world..

Some but not all insurance companies will let you schedule a cell phone as a personal article on your homeowner’s policy, just as a person might schedule jewelry. But check with your agent first, because not all insurance companies allow it, said Eric Rongstad at RIG Metro in Golden Valley. State Auto and Auto Owners will schedule a cell phone for $20 to $35 per year for a $500 phone and zero deductible.

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Safety Low levels of crime and quiet areas have made IP5 a peaceful area in which residents feel safe and welcome. No development at Martlesham or Port Felixstowe would have gain an inch without Ipswich’s backing. Ipswich was also the major centre for engineering, and had numerous GPO sites.